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more than a dozen city workers...arrested for gambling and drinking on the jo. job."knowing my tax dollars go to that, it's inda sad." sad." how cops found out about the illegal actiiity. -------------------------------- ----- protesting the n-f-l l. lockout. "we want football, we want foot" football" where the lockout stands and why ravens fans feel they stand to lose more than the players. -------------------------------- ----- -------------------------------- ----- --guy sings-- sings-- and trying out for the x-factor. why simon cowell says his new showwwill be a hit. hit.
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good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.13 city workers won't be reportiig for duty tomorrow. they were suspended after an investigatton revealed illegal gambling and drinking on the job.all thirteen worked for the baltimore department of tra. transportation. melinda roeder has been following this waste watch investigation. she joins live tonight from city hall. melinda. investigators got a tip... that every payday... so, every other friday, these city workers would do someehigh rolling. betting thousands of dollars on games like craps... and drinking they're suspended without pay... pending investigation. investigation.. 01:19 "these are not violent crimes. it was gamblingg.. but what's incredibly concerning is that it's an egregious violation of the public's trust."baltimore police arrested 13 city workers... for illegal gambling and drinking. investigatorssinterrupted
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their payday party friday afternoon following up on a tip... that was called in to department managers.all the charged employees work with transportation's special coordinates special evvnts like parades and community activities in the city." transitional shot -47:41 news of the arrests... spread sunday afternoon... along thee greektown parade route.... where áotherá city spent all morning preparing for the parade.spectators were pleased... their big event... went off without problems.but some say it's obvious... their coworkers could use a lesson in work ethics... and priorities.dimitri kostaras 48:15-30 "honessly, it doesn't really surprise me one bit. i meant the roads in the city are pretty terrible actually... they deserve it." ray crockett49:13-24 "it's 3 kind of sad to be honest with's kiid of sad." while taxpayers are
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frustrated.some city officials tolerattd.27:55 "i'm glad it's - being investigated... is if we didn't catch it." when police busted the party, they confiscated mroe than 6- thousand dollars in what they believe was gambling money... along with dice and some champagne.ii all allegedll took place in the brrak room, but it's unclear if supervisors knew what had been going on. or that it was a regular from city hall... melinda roeder... fox 45 news at ten. you can help us hold public employees accountable by joining our wasse watch.if you our hotline att410-662-1456 or go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on waste watch. 3 the house of delegates
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to wrap up the session in ion & about two weeks.'s what they passed this weekeed: a bill that wouud limit maryland employers in using a job applicant's credit report as a basis to deny employment. employment. the house vote was 91 to 46. a similar bill has been approved by the s. senate. the house alss passed a bill designed to help revent discrimination based on gender identity in maryland. maryland. the vote was 86 to 52. 52. the measure would apply to people who believe they have been iscriminated against because of gender identtty when lookiig for employmenn, housing or applying forrcredit. the bill now goes to the senate. tell your lawmakers what you think about these bills and others.their contact information is on our website -- at fox baltimore dot com slash your voice. in other news tonight... an edlerly man is hit by an amtrak train and killed. killed. this happened aaout 1 in the morning yesterday on the tracks atteast preston street pnd broadway. thatts about a mile from penn station.
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statton. the victim is 86- year-old yong so kim.northeast regional train 177 was traveling from boston to washington d.c. when itthit kim.. there were more than &pthe time. no one else wa hurt. the train was delayed allost 2 hours. an argument between neighbors in prince george county ended with one man dead, the other charged with first degree murde. murder.police say james allen payne got into an argument with his neighbor, gregory lucious lawton --at his home in temple hills last thursday night.police say payne shot and killed lawton.payne turned himself in on friday. 3& montgomery county police hav released the name of the man shot by an officer outssde an aspen hill shopping center. carlos mcdonald of silver spring will face charges including first- and second- degree ssault. officer donald hayes, who shot him, is on police say hayes shot leave. - mcdonald in the arm, leg and hip just before noon
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yesterday, after mcdonald approached the officer with the broken top of a glass jug. the officer used a stun gun before firing his handgun. mcconald is still in the hospital n stable condition. baltimore city police were on the scene of a barricade situation in west baltimore this morning. morning..bout three o'clock this morning... a guy barricaded himself inside a home on south mounttstreet, after a fighh with his girlfriend.he surrendered a short time's unclear if he had any weapons. 3 the n-f-l lockout s now headed into it's third &pweek...wwth little to no movement on either side...but that could be changing soon... sports director bruce cunningham joins us with that story...bruce? bruce? with bothhthe players union and the owners ssalemated and &pthe doors to nfl facilities locked, there seems to be little going on, but the union filed suit to end the lockoot, and that hearing is set for ppril 6th, a week from wednesday...if a federal judge rules for the union, it would be seen as a defeat for the owners, who are undoubtedly
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fashioning a plan b if that comes to ppss.... ..locally, it could have a huge impact in westmiister, where record crowds watched training camp workouts last year at mc daniel college... ravens have ever had, but the contract between the cluu and the college has expired..and a new one can't be reacced until there's a new collective place...the ravens say theyy may be forcee to hold some workouts privately at their owings mills faciliiy is necessary...they also say they want to do a new eal with mc daniel... the final four is set in the ncaa basketball tournament...that story and the rest of the weekend in sports coming up on sports unllmited, right afteerthis &pnewscast.. n-f-l fans across the country... including baltimore... took to the streets todaa to protest the lockout.myranda stephens has more on why they say they're no longee standing on the sidelines. nats they channed... more nats and held signs... nats of girls... hoping to send message to the n-f-l... to get in the game. 22:54 i don't
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know if it's more upset or more annoyanceeof how rrdiculous the whole situation is 59aboutttwo dozen ravens fans gathered across rom m-and-t bank stadium today... to take part in a nationwide protest against the n-f-l lockout. 23:04 we llve our ravens and it's not about protesting against the ravens it's about what the owners want to do to their eams and their fans 14ddivers honked the protest. some... even of chimed in. nats of guy in car!!!kirk moyer and is crew came to the rally on this ravens-decked out bus. he says the n-f-l owners and players' union... are taking the fans season tickets. we buy a lot of gear. i paid for this. this is all money that goos to the nfl. can't we all just get along and have some football. that's all we want. we want it and we wanna see it 32 and leading the protest ... was one of he ravens' most recognized fans... captain defense. he was one of the
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holding a similaa protest a couple weeks ago. 2451 at the end of the daa. the gamee doesn't belong to the nfl 55 myranda 37:31 and these fans say they'll continue to hold these protests until tte lockout enns 3725:31 i think nothing else we got their attention that the fans are united 37in downtown baltimore, myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. n-f-l fans in about 15-cities were expected to take part in today's rally. protestors here in baltimore say they plan to do it all over again next sunday. 3 a little snow ell in carroll county this morning. pand the cold temperatures meteorologist vytassreid with a first ook at the skywatch forecast. vytas. vytas.
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a convenience store in albany, new york sold the winning 3-hundred 19 million dollar mega-millions lotttry ti. ticket. a sign on the front door of coulson's news exciting news. a pool of seven lucky state workers bought the ticket at the family-run store in downtown
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albbny. their identities haven't been revealed. the store will get a 10-thousand dollar bonus for selling the winning ticket. excited about, but he's even more excited for the actual winners. "and it's juut a neat feeling to know that somebody here, somebody that comes in this store is going tt win aa lot of money." 3 3 the winners have sixty days to decide if they want the money in aalump sum. thee jackpot was the 6th highest in mega millions history. 3 3 nato takes over military the u-s isn't leaving the coontry just 3 florida. how much damage was done and what one person dangerously close to their home. and why the bright lights on the vegas strip...went out....when fox45 news at ten continues.
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coalition airstrikes...nato &passumes command of all military operations against libya. and as joy piazza tells us....the pentagon says while the u-s is ending its leading role, it will continue its mission there. there. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 libyan rebels recapture áanotherá key oil city today... in a high-speed
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advance west toward the capital, tripoli. the victory is a boost for president obama. the president faces complaints from lawmakers that he has not sought their input about the u-s role ii the enouuh clarity about the goals - ssate hillary clinton -- ry of - defending the administration's decision.clinton: "if we were sitting here and benghazz had been taken and tens of slaughtered and hundreds of thousands had fled, some of them over the border to egypt, destabilizing egypt during its transition, weed be sitting &phere and people in the congress and elsewhere would be sayyng, well, why didn't we secretary robert gates says... he doesn't think the country ps a vital interest to the u.s... but the áregioná is. gates: "it was an interest for all of the reasonss.. the engagement of the arabs, the eegagement of the europeans, the general humanitarian question that was at stake."he also says the u-s military operation in libya could last ámonths.á gates: "i don't
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think anybody knows thh answer to that."meanwhile, ato -- now taking áfullá command of the military mission in libya. today,,the 28-member alliance has decided to implement all aspects of the u-n resolution... eeding nearly a week of negotiations over the hain of command.this comes as president obama plans to speak to the nation about libya &ptomorrow evening. his speech is scheeuled for 7-30 eastern. joy piazza fox news. 3 another earthquake hits japan. a 6.5 quake immeddate reports of damage of injuries.still, the radiation scare continues... with higher levels of radioactive substances in the sea near the fukushima nuclear plant. plant. levels found were ten million times higher than normal...and emergency workers fled the reactor today. it is not clear how long the workers were exposed to the high levels of rrdiation or how long the
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levels at theeplant had been that high. a u-s navy barge is delivering fresh water to help cool the power plant. the more than 800-thousand liters of waaer are being taken tt a japanese navy ship and the the plant by the japanese t - military. find out more about the disaater in japan by logging onto fox baltimore dot com. just look for 'hot topics' at the top of our website. a massive brush fire threatens a mobile home park in florida. 3 "1, 2,3 - go, go" go" residents joined together to move a boat away from the the fire burred dangerously close to homes. the fire started saturday afternoon alonn highway 1 in stuart. while firefighters fought the did some neighbors. they got out hoses to wet down treee near their homes. the fire charred at least 15 acres before it was contained.
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the las vegas strip is known for its flashing liggtss--- but yesterday it gradually plunged into darkness. was alllin support of the world wildlife fund sponsored 8-30 last night --- thh lights of the strip were turned off one by one -- for onn hour --- in a celebration of hope and conserving energy.and --- the voluntary blackout stretcced well beyond the strip --- to include 120 other countries. 3
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the cherry blossoms are
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in bloom in our nation's capitol. the trres were a gift to the city in 19-12 from japan. the peak bllom is expected to be from march 29th to april you still have plenty f time to check them out in person. --jen tossss to vytas--
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remember fox45 skywatch wwather ii at your fingertips. fingertips. i-radar is can use fox45's interactive - tools and powerful doppler radar to track coming storms. go to foxbaltimore dott com and click on i-radar. 3 --guy sings-- sings-- trying out for the x-factor. why simon cooell says his nnw show will be a and the politician who put on quite a show in new york city. who this is dangling above thh
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the maryland greek independence day parade was held today. today. --- music --- ---many gathered to watch as the parade rolled by on eastern avenue near south haven street.some got into the spirit by dressing up in traditional greek clothingg the parade was in celebration of greek culture and to
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commemorate greek independence day--- 199 years ago. "it was acttally the beginning of the revolution, so it's like a cross between fourth of july, but also memorial day and eterans day so there are sslemn aspects." aspectt."the parade as the end to a week long celebration of greek culture in week. 3 in entertainment news --- simon cowel is on his way back to the judge's table --- this time for america's version of "the x-ffctor." x-ffctor."15-thousand los angeles hopefuls gathered to try and impress the judges for their shot to win a 5 ámillioná dollar recording contract.a hit in britain --- simon cowell hopes his american version will uncover the next new star. 3 --guy sings-- sings--
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simon says dress for success so that's alllyou have to do and here we re. " " 3 3 33 "i've put this up to attract as many people as possible who may not have even wanted to enter a commetiiion like this that t's worth while doing it." pt."anyone older than 12 years old can enter --- from soloist to groups.the competition moves on to miami next. you may know him as new york's mayor ---but last nightt mayor michael bloomberg put on a tight suit and become dangling over a stage during a charity dinner event where policitcal reporters roast the cityys politiciann.but bloomberg had some trouble when it came time to land --- trouble "spider ámaná" usually never has.. the orioles had their opening day lineup against the red sox today... ee how the o's did in one of their final gamm's before the season starts on
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it's a whole new way to get aro.'' called the "solo-wheel" --- and all you need to do is just hhp on --- and take off.this electric unicycle balances itself --- doesnnt need you to pedal and it goes up to 12 miles per hour on a single charge.the pheel" is hoping to put it on the market in two''l cost about 18 hundred dollars a piece. 3 3 ten... a very happy v-c-u - grad... bruce cunningham jjins us now with sports unlimited... bruce...
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coming up tonight on sports unlimited... it's one of the biggest upsets n tournament history... foo the 2nd time in 5 years an 11 seed is going to the final four... plus see if the acc is still standing as north carolina took on kentucky... jimmy patsos will join us tt break it all down... down... .thh orioles split squads today... find out how jeremy guthrie did in his ffnal game before he starts the season opener... plus the o's get a look at manny machado... see looked....tom zbikowski fights again... there was no knockout this time... but did the ravens safety wwn the decision???... that's coming up....and he's one of the greats in baltimore blast &phistoryy.. we'll hear ffom former arch bishop curley standout giuliano celenza as his blast career came to an end on friday night....sports unlimited starts right after this...
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